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Liberty Digital Satellite has been a family-owned and operated by Kimberly & Ron Mulheman who are the heart of the Liberty Digital Satellite team. We have been the provider of choice in Ohio and neighboring states for the residential & commercial sectors, since 2001. Liberty Digital Satellite specializes in providing best and most responsive customer service for your television and internet services.  We connect our customers to technology everyday through cable, satellite and internet installations & repairs. We pride ourselves on our ability to complete our work quickly without jeopardizing quality or taking any shortcuts.

Liberty Digital Satellite is eager to provide you with new services for your home, business, multi dwelling complex or commercial properties. We are a DirecTV Authorized Dealer, Frontier Authorized Sales Agent and HughesNet Authorized Retailer. Liberty Digital Satellite is happy to speak with you about the wide range of services we provide, and offer quotes upon request.

Ron Mulheman | President

Kimberly Mulheman | Vice President

Let Us Help!

Are you in need of TV or internet repair or installation? We provide repairs, upgrades and replacements for your cable and internet!


We perform quality installations without taking any shortcuts to ensure you have the best cable and internet experience possible.


Our employees are always prompt and working as soon as we arrive! We understand that people are busy so we show up on time, do what we need to do, then get out of your way!


Liberty Digital Satellite is local to Ohio, so we understand the area well and can service you in little to no time! A trusted, family-owned business for over 15 years!

Customer Reviews

Great customer service, and you can actually speak with real live people!!
Holly H guys were always the best... Most helpful.... Sweet..
Sandra J

Jan H.   
DK S.   

Serena G.   
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Cathi L.   
Danielle D.   

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